Reducing Defects and Scrap

This thefabricator.com article recently landed in our inbox. It is not only a good reminder to make sure your workers are trained for the job, but also to ensure steel fabricators are checking their work. Most errors can be caught prior to the final welds if the fabricator does a quick check when they are complete. 

Even experienced steel fabricators can make mistakes. One of the benefits of FabStation-STEEL is the ability for the fabricator to see how the assembly fits into the overall project with our project viewer feature.  This 3D view shows all the critical connections between the selected assembly and the finished structure.

The use of augmented reality to provide a 3D digital template allows the fabricator to visualize placements prior to fabrication. Once the parts are tacked onto the assembly, the augmented reality feature can be used to verify the correct placement prior to moving on in the production workflow.

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