FABTECH2021 – What to Expect from FabStation

After 18 months of online meetings, people are anxious to get back to meeting in person. There have been many changes with technology over the past two years and attendees want get the most out of the conference. As a FABTECH attendee, you want to visit the most relevant suppliers; is FabStation-STEEL relevant to your business?

FabStation-STEEL can be used by any structural steel fabrication shop, small, large or in between.  Current technology and existing workflows will determine how you experience the benefits.

Does your shop use 3D data?

FabStation-Steel can take the IFC files from your detailing software to create 3D models of the assemblies to be fabricated. Imagine having a 3D digital template for your fitters to perform the layout. How much time would that save them?

Are you looking to improve quality?

FabStation-Steel can be used after the fitter has performed the layout to do a quick inspection prior to welding. If a part is the wrong size or incorrectly placed (we’re all human!), fixes can happen immediately. Wouldn’t you prefer to catch errors sooner? 

Do you need to train new employees?

Finding qualified employees is hard. Finding someone with welding experience, and no layout experience is easier, but leads to a gamble for the shop. With FabStation-STEEL, the employee and the shop are both positioned to succeed. Faster training, higher quality, what’s not to like?

Join us at FABTECH2021 to learn more about FabStation-STEEL. We will have a short beam along with tablets and the Hololens 2 available for a hands-on demo of the software. Challenge your coworkers to see who can perform the layout the quickest!

A recent article in the “the fabricator” sums it up well:

“Metal fabrication doesn’t happen on a PowerPoint. It happens—with the strike of an arc, a stroke of a punch, or the piercing of a laser beam—between a tool and sheet metal (or plate or structural beam or tube or pipe). And people need to come together, on the shop or on the FABTECH expo floor, to make it all happen.”

We are looking forward to seeing many of our customers next month at FABTECH. Please drop by and say hello. We will be at booth A5173 in the Forming and Fabricating hall.

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