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FabStation-STEEL – FABTECH 2022

Thank you for visiting us at FABTECH 2022!!!

It was a privilege to show you our cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) quality control and layout system. With the Microsoft Hololens 2 paired with an Apple iPad Pro, you are getting 1/16″ overlay accuracy to ensure your product is precisely built every time.

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Road to Digitalization – Where to Start?

Today’s modern steel shop is forced to do more with less. Less personnel, less space, less production time, and less tolerance for error. One very effective method of doing more with less is through digitalization.

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Automating Structural Steel Layout

When structural steel fabricators come together, the topic of doing more with less always comes up. It is hard to find fitters, and shops are looking for a way to make the fitting exercise faster

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Modern Steel – Augmenting Productivity

Last month we discussed the introduction of technology into the shop workflow. Just after that article was written, the June 2021 issue of Modern Steel came out with an article on Augmented Reality (AR) in

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Technology in the Steel Fabrication Shop

There hasn’t been a whole lot of innovation in the structural steel industry when it comes to improving existing processes in the shop.  Sure, completely new processes have been introduced, such as CNC equipment for

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Reducing Defects and Scrap

This thefabricator.com article recently landed in our inbox. It is not only a good reminder to make sure your workers are trained for the job, but also to ensure steel fabricators are checking their work.

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