Structural Steel Augmented Reality

FabStation-STEEL is bringing augmented reality steel production tools to the fabrication floor with real-time reporting and data exchange with the office. Drawings, 3D models, status updates and time and material tracking are the basis of a system that will level-up your operations.

At the heart of FabStation is our proprietary augmented reality technology. This AR technology acts like a digital template that virtually places a 3D model over the steel beam it represents. This allows the fabricator to see (as viewed through the tablet or Hololens 2) what they are about to build or inspect it when it is complete. This is an invaluable tool for training new fabricators, doing a pre-build survey before assembly or inspecting work once complete.


Modern Design

A modern desktop interface that works with you. No more boring spreadsheets to wade through.

Lightning Fast

Find the information you need in an instant. Get to where you are going in a few short clicks.

Companion Apps

Purpose built apps that were made specifically for the shop floor. Not adapted from outdated office software.

Hololens 2

Our proprietary Mixed Reality technology will optimize your training, comprehension and inspection capabilities.

Tablet App

Built to fit into your regular workflow and offers a toolset that will speed up your production cycle.

Increased Situational Awareness

Keep track of production milestones with a dashboard that is a direct feed to your operations.

Status Updates

See where every assembly is in the production cycle and track its progress throughout the shop.

Performance Tracking

Track who did what, when and how... with production accountability.


Get changes to the floor in an instant. Add notes, put drawings hold, update drawings and models and keep everyone on the same page.

Return on Investment

Tools designed to be part of a fabricators natural workflow and add value to your production cycle.

Cloud based

- No server costs or maintenance
- Secure data
- Access your data anywhere

Build faster

- Instant comprehension of build
- Virtual template
- Complete steel fabrication data

Increase efficiency

- Complete project data
- Gain insight
- Decrease inspection time

Apprentice training

- Increase visual understanding
- Build confidence
- Become productive faster

Erect faster

- Better quality control
- Less fabrication errors
- Relevant data delivered to site

Increase accuracy

- Quality control
- Elimination of blindspots
- Immediate error detection

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